Reopening Guidelines

We are currently operating by appointment only.


You must reschedule your appointment if you answer yes to any of the following: 

  • I have traveled outside Canada in the last 2 weeks
  • I have chills, fever, runny nose, fatigue, inability to catch breath, loss of taste or smell
  • I have come in contact with someone who is sick, has traveled outside Canada, or is awaiting COVID-19 test results


As cities and businesses reopen, we want you to know nothing is more important than your health/safety and the health/safety of the It's Your Day Bridal Boutique staff. Every decision we make is with that in focus.

Effective immediately, the following are the new procedures that we have set in place to minimize risk:


1.     All customers and guests must bring and wear a face mask.

2.     Face masks must be worn for the entirety of the appointment.

3.     Anyone entering the building must sanitize or wash their hands immediately.

4.     Undergarments are mandatory if you are trying on dresses.

5.     New bridal appointments will be limited to bring two guests only. Inspections, comeback appointments, etc are for the bride and one guest only.

6.     Bridesmaids appointments are restricted to a total of 3 people (Either two Bridesmaids and the Bride or three Bridesmaids) Others can join via Zoom or video chat, or come in at their own scheduled appointment time. 

7.     Children under the age of 16, and immuno-compromised persons are asked to stay home during this time. We can include them via Zoom or video chat also.

8.     We ask that you are freshly showered and have not been out in public before your appointment.

9.     Appointment times will be adhering to a strict schedule to allow for proper disinfecting of rooms, dresses, accessories, etc between customers:


o    New bridal appointments are limited to 2 hours

o    Comeback bridal appointments are limited to 1 hour

o    New bridesmaids appointments are limited to 1 hour

o    Comeback bridesmaids appointments are limited to 45 mins

o    Inspections are limited to 30 minutes

o    Accessory appointments are limited to 1 hour  


10.  All wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses are closed stock - only staff are allowed to browse the racks, and pull dresses for you to try on. High traffic areas are being cleaned hourly.


11.  We will offer to help clip you into your dresses. After each clipping, we will sanitize our hands. If you are uncomfortable with us doing that, we can show your guest how to do it.





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